Winter Talks

Preparations for the 2020 sailing season have stalled for the time being. The bad weather in the Med and the strikes which have brought France to a standstill (I was lucky to escape back to Blighty!) have contrived to prevent me moving Hejira to Antibes for a little TLC although neither factor can last forever – can it?

In the meantime, there is an outside chance that you might be interested in attending one of the talks that I am giving covering my adventures last summer.

The publicity for the talks state:-

Nick Mines’ talk covers his single handed non-stop (nearly) 1100 mile passage from Nice to Venice last summer. The highs and lows and the telling effects of undertaking such a voyage alone. He then covers the continuation with various crew through Croatia, Italy, Corfu, the Ionian, Sicily, Malta, Tunisia, Sardinia, Corsica and finally back to Nice. He reflects on the 3000 mile, 3 month adventure with candid admissions and telling observations.

They are as follows:-

Monday 6th January 2020 at Upper Thames Motor Yacht Club, Mill Island, Sonning, RG4 6TW. Access is slightly obscure as you have to take a lane alongside the Sonning Mill car park. The talk starts at 8pm and is hosted by the Reading Offshore Sailing Club. Visitors are welcome at a cost of £5 and there is a bar at the venue which opens at 7.30.

Tuesday 18th February 2020 at Bourne End Community Centre, The Centre, Wakeman Road, Bourne End, Bucks. SL8 5SX. The talk starts at 8pm and is hosted by the Cruising Association. Visitors are welcome at a cost of £5 and there is a bar at the venue which is open all evening.

It would be really good to see some of you there!

My plans for 2020 and beyond are coming together with a probable return to Africa, the Canaries and another crossing to the Caribbean. More about all this when things begin to crystallise.

Happy Christmas to one and all and let’s hope for a healthy and happy New Year.

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