So chuffed

I have long coveted a painting of Hejira but all previous efforts to commission a ‘piece’ have failed for one reason or another.

So, winding back for a little background, I have to explain about ‘New Blades’, the degree show for the graduates from the various University model making courses, where in excess of 70 students show their potential to attendees from a diversity of industry sectors.

My company, Atom, always help sponsor the event and provide an award for ‘The Best Finish on a Model’.

Maddie Fuggle receiving the Atom award for ‘Best Finish on a a Model’ from Atom’s Simon Geldstetzer.

This is part of a press release from the event organisers:-

“The big winner at New Blades was Arts University Bournemouth’s Maddie Fuggle who not only picked up Best in Show, but also 3 Industry awards. Maddie won due to the variety of models/techniques displayed through her models, a large-scale Nintendo DS, model yacht, telephone & beetle, and the quality of her finishing.”

So, given her outstanding talent, I was very pleased to fight off the opposition and recruit Maddie in the summer. Now, having successfully completed her probation period, she has ‘signed on the dotted line’ and is part of the excellent Atom team.

To help with her student expenses, she would undertake private painting commissions, mostly of cats and dogs and Hejira was her first painting of a yacht – I hope you agree that it is rather good!

The picture of Hejira that Maddie used as a basis for the painting. Hejira was  ‘dried out’ in Lyme Regis alongside the Cobb.
The Cobb in Lyme Regis, used in many period films including the French Lieutenant’s Woman
The finished painting, just awaiting Maddie’s signature.

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