This is another rather anodyne, technical blog which may disappoint those expecting witty (?) tales of derring-do. So, you have been warned! Long time yacht owners will be aware of the corrosion issues at the junction of dissimilar metals. They will be conscious of the need to treat stainless steel screws used on an aluminium... Continue Reading →

So chuffed

I have long coveted a painting of Hejira but all previous efforts to commission a ‘piece’ have failed for one reason or another. So, winding back for a little background, I have to explain about ‘New Blades’, the degree show for the graduates from the various University model making courses, where in excess of 70... Continue Reading →

Afloat and finally under sail

With the travel hoist booked, you would have thought the exercise to relaunch would be ‘plain sailing’, given all the time to prepare, but not so and the tale of woe continues... Unfortunately, the six months ‘down time’ waiting for the lift onto the keel was not used productively by the retained engineer, despite my... Continue Reading →

An Unfortunate Anniversary

So, the 26th of July 2023 marks one year since Hejira was craned out and ‘blocked off’ ashore for her planned refit. The extent of the work is/was substantial, but it would all have been completed in time for this sailing season, had it not been for a six-month delay in being lifted back onto... Continue Reading →


Reunited, yes, but it was not a seamless or satisfactory ‘coming together’… The keenly awaited, programmed date was initially postponed because of rain on the basis that the mastic to be used on the joint would not adhere properly in wet conditions. This I understood and accepted but, due to the vagaries of the British... Continue Reading →


As the lack of progress continued and my frustration mounted, I began visiting the Marina, trying to induce some positive action by cornering those in authority, face to face, to try to unlock the impasse. The abiding excuse was that my ‘lift’, to reunite the hull with the keel/grounding plate, apparently required very experienced operators... Continue Reading →


I write this in March, with Hejira ashore undergoing a major refit. Having carried out the remedial work and with the keel refurbished at the original foundry in Cornwall, I have been waiting since last December for the first lift of a probable total of at least four to complete the exercise. The awaited ‘lift’... Continue Reading →

22/23 New Year update

August the 22nd this year marked the ten-year anniversary of the purchase of my then, 8-year-old Southerly 135 in Holland. Since then, she has been progressively updated and refurbished, building on what was perceived to be, a good solid hull. Unfortunately, my experiences have exposed a good deal of shoddy workmanship carried out by Northshore,... Continue Reading →

Sailing Therapy

I am aware that I may be encroaching on an area that is sensitive, and I am certainly stepping outside of the subject areas and tone normally associated with my blog postings. I apologise for this in advance but please read on as I believe this to be important. By way of background, my support... Continue Reading →

Three Men in a Boat (mostly)

During the depths of the Covid crisis when I was denied access to 'Hejira' while she was inaccessible on the Cote D’Azure, I looked to get my ‘water fix’ with a small dinghy on the British waterways. This was explained in the blog ‘Wind in the Willows’  (which also explains the nomenclature of the 'Dramatis... Continue Reading →

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