Credit for this needs to go to my son, Ollie and his mates. I didn’t even know it was going on !

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  1. Hi Nick

    Nice to hear from you!! We hope to go and see how Moana Rere has dealt without us….from March 17th …very soon!!
    Hope you are all well
    All the best
    Claude and Bénédicte

  2. How wonderful. Congratulations to you all and, hopefully, before too long there may be more blogs and vlogs showing the journeys to come x

  3. Congratulations to the Mines team.

    Will you also hold the prize for most airline vouchers?

    We have seen one boat under sail looking out across the Channel in last 5 weeks, Dutch registered and seemingly quite happy.
    John Sharvill

  4. Congratulations to Ollie on a brilliant piece of work and nick for supplying the boat ?. I look forward to seeing the trophy, hopefully something we can drink out of when we are all back together.

    Stay safe.

  5. Good to hear from You Sandra & Alan.
    My Trans-Atlantic plans have all but been abandoned for this winter but I still have flights booked in and out of Sardinia, the Ballearics, Alicante, Gibraltar, Tangiers, Lanzarote and Antigua with the yacht staying in Nice…. So, with the Airlines granting only vouchers at best, it is all a bit of a mess and an expensive one at that. Still there are lots of people with bigger problems than this and we have to remember that. So long as we are healthy, sane and solvent, we are making the best of it.
    It is likely to be some time but yes, really looking forward to a pint of Harvey’s in convivial company !
    All the best,

  6. Well done Nick et al … Hope you and the family are ok. Looking forward to a session at the Nags – as and when !! Stay safe and sane. Sandra and Alan

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