To the line

Just as in Antigua, the supermarkets seem to have a high proportion of Waitrose products and we actually bought a couple of bottles of Waitrose Prosecco to toast our arrival in Bermuda and then, hopefully, to toast our arrival in the Azores. It cost $8.55 which equates to about £6 and could, from memory, be cheaper than in Waitrose back home – must be something to do with tax….

Yesterday being another stiflingly hot day, having done our washing and hung it out to dry, we found an hour to visit the beach for a cooling swim. Unfortunately Barry, having had a tree fall on him before he left, he was left with a broken nose and unsure if he could clear his ears if they became waterlogged, he declined the swim and sat, sensibly, in the beach bar.

m_Nanny Cay Beach
Nanny cay beach with bar and pool in the background

Nanny Cay has been a delightful destination with very good facilities – they claim the wash-rooms, large individual suites with all facilities – are the best in the Caribbean and I can believe it. The complex (which is charmingly wooden shacky) has a good supermarket, chandlers and bars. Peg Leg restaurant where we eat last night is very good and I had a wonderful chicken and shrimp Jambalaya.

The ‘clearing out’ process suffered from the usual Caribbean syndrome and although the Customs turned up as promised, the Immigration chap was missing and this necessitated a return visit when he had deigned to arrive. The skippers briefing was comprehensive and we will be starting downwind in a reasonable breeze with it all likely to fall away later in the week necessitating motoring into Bermuda.

All of the rally yachts have been fitted with YB trackers and the relative positions of all of the yachts will be shown on the World Cruising fleet tracker for ARC Europe although with the likelihood that many yachts will be liberally exercising their engines, positions will be pretty irrelevant.

The rally finish line closes in the evening of next Saturday and despite the wind dying and the sea state dropping, we should be into St George’s Harbour Bermuda in plenty of time to meet my son, Ollie who arrives on Saturday evening.


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  1. Good luck to you both. I hope Barry’s nose is not too sore , and I expect the `tree fell on him` is the usual excuse the Master gives for the beating he hands out with a winch handle for a misdemeanour such as being slow with the washing up. Sorry I am not there to minister to you Barry but suggest you duck faster next time.

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