Final Preparations

Our ARC safety inspection passed muster so it was on with more jobs and preparation. We decided to increase the size of the pin which prevents the Watt & Sea bracket from turning – up from 8mm to 10mm. The trouble was that 10mm drill bit broke and all the kit in the chandlers is imperial. It’s strange how the BRITISH Virgin Islands are so American. They drive on the right, the currency is US Dollars, the power is 60 Hz (so no AC), the diesel was bought in US Gallons, eggs are ‘over easy’ and we are berthed on ‘slips’…

Our arranged rendezvous with Nellie (Gini’s cousin) and Richard was postponed as Richard had had an accident with a saw and was struggling with heavily bandaged fingers so we attended the ARC Farewell supper which turned out to be surprisingly good. We met the skipper and crew of ‘Slipper 1’, a Bavaria 41 and they were as entertaining as the name suggests. We also met Cliff and his partner Val on AWOL, an Elan 44 which we had met in Rubicon on Lanzarote and who will also be sailing to Bermuda two handed.

Although we were booked on a shuttle bus to a supermarket, conversations with others suggested it was no better than the supermarket in the marina and, having done much of our victualing in Antigua, we decided to give it a miss and shop locally.

This afternoon we are due to clear out with Customs and Immigration with officials visiting the Marina to clear the ARC fleet and then we have the Skippers briefing before our departure at noon on Saturday – busy day.


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