Another chunk chugged

Almerimar promised little from the write ups but the Marineros were attentive on our arrival at 9pm, they confirmed that the fuel dock would be open at 7am and that we could then reclaim the deposit (which we forgot to do) on our shower key. We were shown to a berth adjacent to the shower facilities and it came with free electricity and water. We were also adjacent to the bars and restaurants. We ordered a small ‘sharing’ meal which Dave mostly scoffed – with my approval I might add. We had both ordered water resulting in a bill of less than 10 Euros. So, cheap berthing, good facilities and an early getaway, replete with full tanks, it could not have been a better preparation for our next passage. The day was spent motoring in mirror calm and with little to attract on the coast we decided to continue through the night and press on to Alicante. Memorable was the proliferation of bright orange algae which, in the calm conditions collected in huge swathes spreading into the distance.

Orange Algae

We had tried to forget the ridiculously priced Puerto Banus Marina experience but it was brought sharply back into focus by an Email received with an invoice claiming that we owed for a second night having paid for our only night’s stay in advance. I was, thankfully, able to send Emails proving that we had stayed at Estepona the night before and Benalmadena the night after – phew ! They then graciously admitted their mistake, thanked us for our custom and hoped to see us again – unlikely !!!

Real Club de Regatas de Alicate was selected (from Cruising Association comments) instead of the larger new Marina which I had stayed in before with my previous yacht. When we finally located our berth, it turned out to be the furthest from the office and once secure, we trudged the dock to sort out the inevitable paperwork and savoured the ‘dirty beer’. The heat was stifling and the daunting prospect of a later sortie ashore was alleviated by a review of the menu at the excellent clubhouse.

Many years ago, a traditional family restaurant in the Born quarter of Barcelona served a delicious dish of rabbit snails and prawns which was excellent. The restaurant was very charismatic with ornate tiling and panelling. The staff resembled a throwback to earlier times and you could imagine Hemmingway sat in the corner with a large glass and a cigar. Sadly, the restaurant closed long before we reluctantly ended our tenure in Barcelona so, imagine my delight to find a paella featuring rabbit and snails (no prawns in prospect) on the menu at the Real Club. It has to be done !

With the permits for the Cabrera Island Reserve fully allocated and San Antonio declaring that the Marina is full, our direction after Moriara tomorrow for the England/Belgian World Cup match is currently under review and the last minute forecast will certainly have a bearing on our bearing !

Dave writes (oooh err……….) :-

The last few days have been el scorchio. In fact:

Its’ hot
How hot?
Too hot?

Damn hot.
You can be hot with your woman but don’t be hot with me.

It’s 06.15 in the morning
and what does the “0” stand for?
“Oh my God”

What film is that a (rough) quote from? – (easy peasy.)

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  1. Good Morning Vietnam. I feel so sorry for Nick. Not long now Nick and I will take him off your hands!!!

  2. The boss enjoys rabbit and snail
    Despite the crew going quite pale
    The weather is hot
    So find a cool spot
    Or guess who he`s going to flail

  3. Hejira why have you stopped blogging?
    Is homeward the way you are slogging?
    You know where I live
    So before you forgive
    I know I am in for a flogging

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