While waiting for a delayed Stephen to arrive, we made a preliminary sortie to the Hippo Dino supermarket. Although initially only intending to ‘check it out’ and buy a small quantity to carry back to the yacht, it turned into something of a ‘major’. Thankfully, the supermarket offers a delivery service so, once we had exceeded the threshold to qualify, we ‘went to town’ and with a full inventory of all the stores we are carrying, we have now compiled a comprehensive list of what supplementary provisions are required and, looking at it, this will easily qualify for the free delivery service again!

Stephen writes:-

Greetings dear reader. Having experienced a delayed flight due to `technical problems` compounded by a return to the boarding bay for 2 `lost` passengers as a result of a miscount, I arrived in Las Palmas to a balmy 25 degrees and sunshine. I climbed into the nearest taxi and we headed onto the motorway and discovered my driver had fallen asleep the night before with his contact lenses in and had now developed `contact lens conjunctivitis`. This meant that he could hardly see, and I spent the next 30 minutes on the edge of my seat ready to grab the wheel as he veered towards the central reservation at speed.  Thankfully we arrived at the marina in one piece and I suggested he should `retire hurt’ from the lists, he thanked me for my advice before weaving back into the traffic to the sound of car horns. I found the crew in good spirits, in part because they had prepared my berth with a Welsh flag, anti-sickness bracelets and my old friend the rubber bucket.  We enjoyed a convivial evening together and turned in for the night only to be awaked by returning revellers at 2 am. We are looking forward to the peace of the open Atlantic.

Sick parade deserted.

Bob writes:-

Great to be quorate with the arrival of Stephen, the Doc, or Isaac, depending on the role that he is currently fulfilling. Not that his return was entirely without provoking a degree of ‘discussion’. On this occasion, the ‘rose wine assisted’ debate was not about the various philosophers, but about how many tuna Isaac could catch and therefore the number of tins of tuna that we did or did not have to buy! All of which goes to show that the Doc has rapidly fallen into sailing mode and has left his day job behind!

Barry has greasy hands (from the engine service) so not allowed to contribute today.


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