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The going rate for marinas since we have been in Spain has been consistently 43 Euros including water and electricity. This included a very enjoyable overnight in Estepona where we were able to shop and, avoiding the ubiquitous faux ‘Irish Pub’ which seemed to be populated by loud scantily clad young lads and lasses, we found a wonderful out of the way local bar. The bar was memorable for the arrival of a middle aged Scottish bride and groom, the bride in white (rather pissed) with a very elaborate hair doo. They were known to the bar owners and we exchanged lots of toast and shots before their guests arrived.

We had already braced ourselves for the Puerto Banus experience so our ‘tuck up antennas’ were deployed and fully tuned. We had paid 121 Euros in advance for the berthing entitlement so, on our arrival we were confronted by, not only an extra charge for electricity but we had to wire a unique plug for the privilege. The 60 Euro deposit for the entry cards for the showers and dock access (although it is left open) was another ‘kick in the teeth’ so it was no surprise to us to be nearly the only sailing yacht in the whole marina. It would seem that people with motor boats have either deeper pockets or less regard to the principles of value for money.

Our reasoning for visiting Puerto Jose Banus Marina was slightly perverse. Having been thoroughly fleeced in Porto Cervo in Sardinia 20 years previously, Puerto Banus was the other ‘prime’ Mediterranean marina that begged a ‘tick in the box’. Well, we have done it, never to return and justified in thoroughly slamming the place. The Cruising Association have comments on most destinations around the World but Puerto Banus is missing from their revues. I am inclined to rectify the omission and pass on at least some wisdom about the place.

Having said all that – we did find a bar to watch the rugby and it was a perfect location to rendezvous with Verity and David who are holidaying nearby and it gives me the opportunity to reciprocate some of the generous hospitality provided for a family celebration during my return from the Algarve.

With a reference to (crew) David’s blog efforts, I was conscious that he was sat with a pad in his hand this morning and gazing into the distance. Asking him if he had succumbed to work pressures and was handling delicate Company matters he replied ‘no I am working on a limerick’ so brace yourselves !

Dave’s response:

Skipper has been speaking to me, quite sternly and I am rather reluctant to say, somewhat hurtfully about my blog efforts and limerick. I am trying to maintain a brave facade and I am confident I will be able to come back with a limerick even better than the first one – yes really!

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  1. The Boss pays the bill and is hissing
    The marina is what he is dissing
    The crew pay their share
    Or the `cat` leaves it`s lair
    And the skin on their backs all goes missing

  2. Ahoy. Dave why don’t you speak to Thomas about writing a limerick. No more embarrassing tried – not for you but for me reading them!!

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