Southerly 135 Compared

This article featured in the July 2022 Yachting Monthly. It was comparing the Southerly 42RST with the 135. Interesting if superficial. In my humble opinion, the 42 is not a patch on the 135, pandering as it does to the modern fashions in design at the expense of sea keeping and practicality.

Southerly 135 Comparison

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  1. Good to hear from you John. You can be relied upon for a forthright view on the 135 and especially the ‘rudder issue’. Such a shame you sold Istana. We will have to reprise the 135 lunching club and have you as an honorary member !

  2. Nick,
    I have read the article more than once. The comparison between the Series 2 and Series 3 is inaccurate. Never in Istana did any member of my crew have to duck for headroom. I think the topsides were raised 2″ not 6″ or the inside would more nearly resemble a church! But I have never understood why Northshore raised the topsides since it was unnecessary and made the yacht slightly more clunky looking.
    Likewise the need for twin rudders, to get a better grip on the water is hogwash. In 20 years the only time I lost control was momentarily when the cruising chute got knotted near the mast head in a force 5!
    The single central rudder is on the centre line of the yacht and NEVER comes out of the water when heeling. The ONLY advantage of twin rudders is that they are shorter lengthwise and hence less leverage is required on the helm which admittedly is an advantage sailing off the wind in heavy seas. Better to furl the main in such conditions anyway.
    As for carrying a taller rig, there is little point. The S135, being a moderate displacement yacht needs at least 10 knots of apparent wind to make any appreciable headway in light airs. A taller rig would need reefing as soon as the wind freshens. So what’s the advantage? We’re not racing!

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