Snag avoidance

Potential jam issue

Having fitted two¬† new jammers each side of the companionway to supplement the existing three while in Barcelona, I was keen to add additional organisers on the coach-roof to deal with the additional lines. Ideally I wanted to over-mount double units but unfortunately, the existing Lewmar¬† items were obsolete. The very helpful Chandler in Barcelona located two triple units in stock elsewhere but only one double. Deciding to go for the two triples to match up the arrangement, I inadvertently introduced a potential problem of stray lines being jammed into the ‘V’ that I had introduced. Thankfully,¬† working from sketches and photos, Mike Parsons – friend, sailing mate and employee, came to the rescue and machined a couple of blocks¬† which he sent out with me with the right size drill, tap and screws to do the job so that the potential issue was overcome. Many thanks Mike!

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