Quiz Answers

  1. What was the name of the ship commanded by Captain Pugwash ?

The Black Pig

  1. In the Navy, what was a loblolly boy ?

Surgeon’s assistant

  1. What Island inspired Robert Louis Stephenson’s Treasure Island ?

Norman Island BVI – off Tortola

  1. In Nelson’s Navy, what element was used to treat syphilis?


  1. In Gerry Anderson’s puppet series ‘Stingray’, Marina was modelled on a film star of the period. What was the film star’s name ?

Brigitte Bardot

  1. In the Navy, how long was a single ‘dog watch’?

Two hours

  1. What are US Navy Commandos called ?

Navy Seals

  1. Who was God of the sea in Greek mythology ?


  1. Where did most of the ‘Bounty’ Mutineers settle ?

Pitcairn Island

  1. How many animals of each species did Moses take aboard the Ark ?

None, it was Noah’s Ark

  1. What is the meaning of the nautical term ‘avast’ ?


  1. Which two Disney animated classics take place under water ?

The little mermaid & Atlantis

  1. In the nautical term ‘freeze the balls on a brass monkey’, what is a brass monkey ?

A rack for holding cannon balls

  1. What was Moby Dick in Herman Melville’s novel of the same name ?

A whale

  1. In March 1967 Britain suffered its worst ever oil spill when a tanker was wrecked on rocks off the Isles of Scilly. What was the name of the ship ?

Torrey Canyon

  1. Which big budget movie was set in the future when the World is completely covered in water?

Water World

  1. In diving, what does the acronym SCUBA stand for ?

Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

  1. Name the four oceans of the World

Atlantic, Pacific, Indian & Arctic

  1. Tidal waves can be set off by underwater earthquakes, what are they called


  1. How much of the Worlds surface is covered by sea ? Answer within 5%


  1. Off which island group was the ship Mary Celeste found with no one on board?

The Azores

  1. In December 1981, the Penlee Lifeboat was lost in its efforts to save the crew of which ship ? What was the name of the lifeboat ?

Ship:                      Union Star

Lifeboat:              Solomon Browne


  1. In Arthur Ransome’s book Swallows and Amazons, what was the Blacketts’ uncle James Turner’s nickname ?

Captain Flint

  1. On board ship, what is housed in a binnacle ?


  1. Winston Churchill’s is quoted as saying “Don’t talk to me about Naval tradition, it’s nothing but …………………….. This description was used as the title of the Pogues 1985 album. What is he supposed to have said ?

Rum Sodomy and the Lash

  1. Where on a ship would you find a skyscraper and what is it ?

At the top of the mast, a sail

  1. Which shipping forecast area is immediately north of German Bight ?


  1. Square rigged ships would ‘wear ship’. What is the modern equivalent manoeuvre know as ?


  1. Who is Admiral of the Royal Yacht Squadron ?

Prince Philip  (The Queen is the Patron)

  1. The America’s Cup is the oldest International Sporting trophy and has never been won by a British yacht. What was the name of the first Yacht to win the trophy in 1851 and what is the colloquial name for the trophy.

Yacht’s name:    America

Trophy name:    The Auld Mug


Picture answers

1: Captain Jack Sparrow

2: Captain Pugwash

3: Christopher Columbus

4: Ellen MacArthur

5: Joshua Slocum

6: Lord Nelson

7: Pete Goss

8: Sir Ben Ainslie

9: Tracy Edwards

10: Sir Robin Knox Johnson

11: Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey

12: Sir Francis Chichester

13: Tony Bullimore

Knots Answers

1: Rolling hitch

2: Bowline

3: Figure of eight

4: Reef knot

5: Clove Hitch

6: Round turn and two half hitches

I hope you enjoyed the quiz, let’s hope that our waterborne activities can resume soon !

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    1. Probably where they belong Stephen !
      In fact I have substituted the picture of Vasco da Gama thinking that no-one would remember him, not even us oldies.
      Best to you and your family.

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