Crew sign off

After a serene night at anchor off Reduit beach, Rodney Bay, we proceeded into the marina to take up a berth in a similar position to that occupied after the ARC+. It seems rather pertinent to illustrate the several faces of the area:-

Your fruit and veg delivered while at anchor.
Your fruit and veg delivered while at anchor.
North of the marina entrance. Gros Islet dwelling.
North of the marina entrance. Gros Islet dwelling.
South of the marina entrance. Rodney Bay Lagoon mansion.
South of the marina entrance. Rodney Bay Lagoon mansion.

A recce ashore followed by a water taxi to the beach was a good way to spend the afternoon. We then walked to find the micro-brewery ‘Antilla’ which we were told (in Marigot Bay where we sampled their fine beers) was in Rodney Bay Town. Being referred from one local to another, we eventually followed a chap who was on his way to work there and our patience was rewarded.


Paula and Lynn sign off:-

As we come to the end of our journey through the Grenadines we have had some great highs and no lows…well ok one low which turned into a very positive experience! We loved all the islands in different ways. They all have their own charm …people are all welcoming although it can be said some were high!!! We have many favourites, if asked to pick one outstanding island it would have to be Mustique. It is, of course, beautiful but is now home to the star of our journey ‘Miss Bones’, the lovely little dog rescued from Petit Nevis, now re-homed in Mustique and named quite appropriately.

We are now getting ready to go home to not so sunny skies….Lynn & Neville will be breaking their journey with a stop in Montreal…nothing like extreme weather! From sand to snow and then to rain….We hope you have enjoyed sharing our journey on the high seas! Hope to see you all very soon. We promise not to bore you with our thousands of photos (well Neville does not promise).

PS: Neville is still sulking at his lack of success catching the sea monster he had hoped to hook! In spite of putting out 3 fishing lines which only ended up tangled! Well, we had a giggle….sorry Nev….

A special mention for our very patient skipper…he had to repeat several times where we were, where we had been AND where we were going, only to be asked again the next day….he repeated and repeated and repeated, very patiently! Not sure I would have been that patient. He instructed us (exception to Paula who knew what she was doing) on what to do and NOT to do….we eventually got it! I think! Well we felt quite confident….I self-promoted myself to mid-shipmen….as it became my responsibility to relate information between the skipper and Neville alias the anchorman. We would like to think that by the end of this lovely adventure we are like a well oiled machine! Thank you Nick for taking us to amazing places, making sure we did not destroy your yacht and always staying safe!

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