Catch up to Ibiza

The irony of our meal in the Real Club in Alicante was that the starters of thin sliced scallop and the best squid ever were great but the much anticipated snails and rabbit paella was awful. The rabbit was all bone and the snails were so small they resisted extraction with the tools (fork) to... Continue Reading →

Another chunk chugged

Almerimar promised little from the write ups but the Marineros were attentive on our arrival at 9pm, they confirmed that the fuel dock would be open at 7am and that we could then reclaim the deposit (which we forgot to do) on our shower key. We were shown to a berth adjacent to the shower... Continue Reading →


Having turned down the unique, deposit laden, 5 pin electrical plug offered at the visitor ‘welcome’ quay in Puerto Banus, we had to face up to a lack of AC in the stifling conditions. This coupled with a fixation on not eating ashore, we decided to cook a corned beef hash and this pushed the... Continue Reading →

Tick the box……

The going rate for marinas since we have been in Spain has been consistently 43 Euros including water and electricity. This included a very enjoyable overnight in Estepona where we were able to shop and, avoiding the ubiquitous faux ‘Irish Pub’ which seemed to be populated by loud scantily clad young lads and lasses, we... Continue Reading →


Well, for those of you who are regular readers of the blog, you will understand that the policy of allowing the crew the opportunity to make their input has had mixed results. The high spots have been Stephen, Ollie and Bob with Peter writing barely comprehensible drivel, John trying hard but being merely informative and... Continue Reading →

Dire Straits

Having been monitoring the weather from a week before, it was no surprise to see that our intended overnight to Gibraltar was untenable due to the Easterly F8 gales west of the straights. Having arrived in Vilamoura via Faro airport, we enjoyed our day, victualling for the passages and watching the tense England football victory... Continue Reading →

Algarve Ahoy

Leaving Cascais at midday, we experienced a thoroughly enjoyable sail which we sustained through the night, sometimes spirited, sometimes pedestrian but it was SAILING and we didn’t turn the engine start key until we were just outside Lagos at 11.00 the next morning. Lagos is a thoroughly perfect yachting destination and I actually regret that... Continue Reading →


After our  'overnight' passage from Porto, our 9am arrival at the Marina in Cascais was very timely as the office had just opened but the ‘check’ in procedure at the swanky reception seemed to take forever for what was the most expensive mooring so far – how much longer will it take after Brexit….? The... Continue Reading →

Lack of Natural Wind………

Having made significantly better progress than feared, we decided that, with over a week before our flights home from Faro, we could relax and ‘hop’ down the Iberian West coast to Cape St Vicente and our destination on the Algarve. We have visited Muros and Bayona in Spain and Viana do Castela and Porto so... Continue Reading →

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