Downwind sails

This letter was published in the March 2015 Yachting Monthly

I was surprised that in the downwind sail analysis in the December Yachting Monthly,  the Parasailor was not evaluated.

I use this sail with both guys through blocks on the bow sprit. In this way all lines are clear of the guard wires and stanchions and it is very easy to jibe as the sail is flown without the main sail or spinnaker pole.

The Parasailor sets very readily and is stable, not requiring constant trimming. The slot vents gusts and the whole arrangement provides lift. The picture shows my Southerly 135 tracking down the Irish sea in excess of ten knots, it was only dropped at dusk!  It can be carried with the wind forward of the beam and I have flown it all the way from the West Country, through the Solent, gybing at West Pole and into Chichester only dropping it at the entrance to the Emsworth  channel.

This is a truly versatile and user friendly (if expensive) downwind sail!

Nick Mines


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