Prudent Pause

As we rounded the NW corner of Spain, we experienced a peculiar sensation for the first time. The fog was very thick and we were negotiating big swells from the Atlantic storms. As we rose to the crest of a swell, the bottom of the next swell was out of sight, completely obscured by the... Continue Reading →

Navigation and Trepidation

I apologise in advance as this post is one for the ‘nerds’! It’s a little sterile and technical so, if you are only mildly interested and just a casual reader, it’s probably best to give up on it now and to wait for the next, hopefully more compelling blog. In the thick fog we are... Continue Reading →

Lagos Lay Over

After 4 days in Lagos pouring over weather charts, we had planned to leave on Tuesday to carry more favourable winds north up the Portuguese coast but we have now become concerned about a blow off Galicia and we have reviewed our plans. Hoping to continue to monitor the conditions, we have seen an opportunity... Continue Reading →


After two sumptuous nights sleep, uninterrupted by watchkeeping, we finally managed to ‘square up’ for our stay in Queensway Quay (£47  for two nights including electricity - bargain!!!), pick up our laundry (nearly forgotten), slip and depart at 09.30. We had carried out the necessary preparation including the removal of nylon fishing net caught around... Continue Reading →

Killer Whales

Sunday evening was distinguished by firework displays along the Spanish coast. We understand that they were to celebrate the ‘Assumption of Mary’ whatever that means. When attending a firework display on land, it seems that the rockets shoot up really high before their fulfilment – watching from the sea it always surprises me that, when... Continue Reading →

Lotta Costa

  Yesterday, or was it the day before, we had a marvelous six hours of sailing under the Parasailor at a good speed with the engine off and silence prevailing – bliss. Unfortunately, this and a fitful 2 hours the previous day is the only sailing we have done, and it is a huge disappointment.... Continue Reading →

Med Life Crisis

Closing the Spanish Coast just south of the Bay of Roses, we picked up the mobile signal again which enabled updates of the weather forecast and so many other things. We have become so very dependent on data; it is only when access is denied that our addiction becomes starkly apparent. What we didn’t expect... Continue Reading →

Cast Off

For those of you that have not travelled to Europe since the relaxation of restrictions following the Covid crisis, let me share my experiences and those of my crew. Travelling to France now requires a double vaccination certificate and a declaration that no symptoms have been experienced recently. It is not now possible to check... Continue Reading →


Covid restrictions have prevented a practical access to my cherished ‘Hejira’ for over 18 months and she has been stranded in Baie des Anges Marina near Nice in the South of France. To cap this complication, Brexit has imposed an imperative to return the yacht to the UK as, despite having paid VAT on the... Continue Reading →

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