Cockpit lights

Easy cockpit lights with no wiring involved can be achieved by securing cheap LED lights on the spray hood/bimini/tent using rare earth button magnets.

Hejira data

Hejira Southerly 135 RS Series III British Registry:        SSR 110134 Hull Number: 23        Colour:  Ivory White CIN Number:                             GB NYY 00182 G003 Year of Manufacture:              2004 international Callsign:              MEEY9 MMSI:                       ... Continue Reading →

Jolly good spot

We have spent a couple of days here in Jolly Harbour and they have been very enjoyable, it being a surprisingly good destination for all sorts of reasons. The Marina is sheltered and well serviced. The cross section of shops, restaurants and bars is very extensive and the overall 'feel' of the place is relaxing... Continue Reading →

Antigua landfall

We have ‘signed off’ our cruise with another great sail. F5 on the beam making 7-8 knots all day – big seas - great stuff! John has become the perfect crew member, Happy to steer all day, knows where everything is and how it works, needing very little prompting when decisions are required - brilliant... Continue Reading →

Lee ho

The passage north has taken us from the Windward Islands to the Leeward Islands and, unfortunately the only discernible difference is that, on this occasion, we have had rain and I mean heavy, relentless rain with absolutely no wind. We ended up motoring up the West coast of Guadeloupe, close inshore for the best possible... Continue Reading →

Whale washing

Being moored to a mooring buoy (especially when you have given it a big tug to be sure),  gives one a more relaxed night’s sleep. No worries about dragging the anchor or other yachts dragging, you can sleep worry free! So it was a leisurely start to the day with a dinghy ashore for me... Continue Reading →

Caribbean contrasts

From Martinique, we headed for Dominica which is an independent country but the ex-British influence does at least mean that they drive on the left! We decided to put a ‘day in hand’ and head straight for Portsmouth at the North end of the island. This was a wonderful anchorage with the large bay providing... Continue Reading →

Carnival cacophony

It is feature of the Caribbean islands that they are mostly volcanic, rising out of the sea and, as a result, the depths offshore tend to plummet. In some places this makes anchoring something of a challenge as, in an offshore wind (where we tend to anchor) it is possible to drag quickly into deep... Continue Reading →

C’est Martinique

My 3 days alone in Rodney Bay Marina on St.Lucia were spent productively doing jobs, having the laundry done, organising the cleaning of Hejira and sorting out the best places to watch the rugby on TV. All this achieved, it was good to welcome my next crew, John Coe from Ash. John is a retired... Continue Reading →

Crew sign off

After a serene night at anchor off Reduit beach, Rodney Bay, we proceeded into the marina to take up a berth in a similar position to that occupied after the ARC+. It seems rather pertinent to illustrate the several faces of the area:- A recce ashore followed by a water taxi to the beach was... Continue Reading →

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