Reduit return

The Indian meal turned out to be a really pleasant culinary experience after an early issue about the table location. Although it was predominantly fine quality Indian, some dishes were an Indian/Chinese fusion and the experience was lifted by this unusual variety. We had intended to breakfast in the adjacent café/bakery but after waiting over... Continue Reading →


Our meal last night was taken in the restaurant at the end of the bay, deep into the mangroves and this is part of their problem. The food was excellent and they were the only bar so far to serve a passable ale. BUT, we were bitten alive!              ... Continue Reading →

Fishing frustration

With only two short passages left before the family leave, Neville’s currently unsuccessful fishing has taken on an air of desperation. Not only did he interrogate the fishing tackle shop owner in Kingstown, we made substantial purchases and with a promise that the lighter winds will allow us to make way at the requisite slow... Continue Reading →

Soufriere means Sulphur

I had warned that the long crossing to St. Lucia was going to be a challenge, a long beat, exposed to the Atlantic with winds over 20 knots. We tackled it with two reefs in the main and with both foresails but a little bit of jib rolled away. We fortunately had a favourable current... Continue Reading →

Persistence rewarded

Having ‘cleared out’ of St. Vincent and the Grenadines at Blue Lagoon, south of Kingstown, we have 24 hours grace to leave their jurisdiction and we have anchored in Cumberland Bay with our famous (?) ‘webbing’ around a palm tree ashore and back - on a ‘slip’, cleated back on board. We will make the... Continue Reading →

KingsTOWN – not to be confused.

What a wonderful destination Blue Lagoon on St. Vincent has turned out to be. There is so much to tell but I am conscious that I have ben ‘hogging’ the postings so I must leave some revelations for the ‘girls’ to describe. As something of an ‘aide memoir’ to them, I will just mention pool,... Continue Reading →


Lynn and Paula make an un-edited contribution:- A Perfect Storm what a brilliant film!!!! However, what we went through this morning puts that film to shame!!!! Waves were three times the size that good old George had to endure. More importantly we survived, but it was an adventure, which apparently according to skip we have... Continue Reading →

Bequia beckoned again

A favourable wind helped speed our crossing from Mustique to Bequia and it had been our intention to anchor in Friendship Bay but the swells were finding their way into the bay and it would have meant a ‘rolly’ night so we took a look and departed intending to make passage to Admiralty Bay but... Continue Reading →

Basil !

The Saturday (4 hours behind) morning was focussed on following Twitter for the account of Esher’s clash away at top of the table Richmond. Best not dwell on the result as Richmond secured a 4 try bonus win but taking a swim at half time does help to give some perspective Taking a trip ashore... Continue Reading →

Lumpy passage past Canouan

  It was timely to raise the anchor in Saline Bay, Mayreau just as another cruise liner arrived and started to set up their equipment on the beach. We took a turn around the pretty Saltwhistle Bay before embarking on the 20 mile passage to Mustique with two reefs in the main. We chose to... Continue Reading →

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