Canaries conundrum

With Nigel joining the crew, we were all keen to ‘sail the Canaries’ before leaving Hejira in Marina Rubicon on the southern shores of Lanzarote. Our mission started with a short sail to the delightful Puerto Calero where we were made very welcome and moored alongside Triumph, a Baltic 64 from Sweden which will be... Continue Reading →

ARC+ crew sign off – for now

‘Marina Lanzarote’ has turned out to be a real find. It is less than a year old with the staff so keen to make one happy it borders on obsequiousness. With a 10% discount for ARC participants and superb shore side facilities, what could be missing. Well, it would be ‘nit picking’ but, a bar... Continue Reading →

Canaries romp

Dawn finds us between the islands to the north of Lanzarote having had a wonderful, exhilarating day and night of sailing with the wind on then behind the beam, touching 8 knots at times. On this passage, we were able for the first time to replicate (almost) the crossing circumstances in terms of electricity generation... Continue Reading →

Gordon Ramsey Haywood

Having breakfasted to our capacity in the hotel which provided an ‘all you can eat’ buffet of excellent quality and value, we did our final shop and slipped our lines, heading out past the Ilhas Desertas before adjusting our course for the northern end of Lanzarote. Using a non-slip mat and magnetic chess board, Barry... Continue Reading →

Surreal surroundings

I have seldom encountered a Marina that tries harder to make visitors welcome than Quinta do Lorde. We were met outside the Marina by a rib which showed us to our berth and took our lines. The young lady in the office was most accommodating offering advice and giving us a voucher for 15% discount... Continue Reading →

Madeira welcome

Monday was a pleasant sunny day and the clear sky and flatter sea lifted the spirits of the crew with the sea sickness all but forgotten. Stephen was reluctant however to relinquish the black rubber bucket suspended at his bed head as a constant reminder of ‘the bad times’. There was time for Stephen and... Continue Reading →

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