Conwy to Bristol

Long time friend as a result of him being a fellow Parker 31 owner, John Morris arrived by train from Birmingham. The 'Mulberry' pub in Conwy marina provided us with an excellent meal before returning to Hejira to watch the spirited England football performance against Italy in the World Cup. Our dilemma for tackling the... Continue Reading →

Kip to Conwy

Sunday was a leisurely day of laundry, cleaning and planning in Kip Marina while waiting for the late arrival of Dave and Mike by taxi from Glasgow Airport. Perversely, although I was able to pick up a good TV signal in Holy Loch, Kip marina seems to be a black hole and I had to... Continue Reading →

Oban to the Clyde

Checking out of the hotel near Glasgow Airport and collecting  Dr. Stephen Williams, my only crew for this week, we embarked on the drive back to Oban. The scenery was pleasant and unspoilt with a coffee stop in the pretty town of Inveraray where the author of the Para Handy short stories was born and... Continue Reading →

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