Modifications and Improvements

Improvement schedule since purchase 22nd August 2012


Northshore upgrades Winter 2012/13


Replaced Stainless Steel Water tanks (x2) and Stainless Steel Diesel tanks (x2) with polyethylene TEK tanks.

Installed a central third rudder.

Fitted a new transom portlight to provide light and ventilation to master bed head.

Installed a deck-wash pump.

Installed Katadyn water maker.



Installed Air breeze wind generator, braces and charge display ,interchangeable with new outboard davit.

Installed photo voltaic panels on coach roof and charging display.

New outboard bracket fitted onto new vertical stanchion infill.

New transom shower controls and fittings.

New fender stowage nest fitted and mounted to match, port and starboard.

New horseshoes with new LED lamps and brackets.

30M kedge webbing reel added to inside of port lazarette locker.

Bow sprit designed and manufactured with stowage arrangement in anchor locker.

New pulpit seat with integral SS socket for passerelle spigot.

Existing 30m of chain replaced with a new length of 100m with a spliced rope end and markings every 10m.

Installed storage arrangement inside anchor locker lid for anchor ball & motoring cone.

Upgraded electronics including extra auto control at companionway, AIS with new GPS aerial on coachroof.  New digital radar scanner, hailing horn at cross trees, E125 plotter at nav station, modified the binnacle and mounted E7 plotter at helm, repositioned Navtex aerial at pushpit, installed globe surfer unit with aerial on cross trees.

New display housing and cockpit table. Iridium dome in the background.

New 13A sockets at base of companionway, inside locker in galley and in front of nav station.

New cockpit table.

Installed LED lamps everywhere (including nav lights) except steaming light and foredeck floodlight.

Re-instated 2 way switching in galley.

Installed new tide clock and barometer.

Installed pockets for binoculars and torch inside companionway.

Fitted new DAB radio/CD player with sub-woofer under floor at base of companionway.

Installed bracket for stern passerelle attachment on transom.

Transom bracket and Passerelle

New folding passerelle modified for spaced suspension with wire suspension and lateral support lines and stowage bag.

New lazy jacks with small blocks rather than just loops for adjustment.

Two sets of 10M tripping buoy arrangements made up including chain weights and 10M extensions.

New stanchion mounting BBQ with polypropylene protection sheet cut to fit aft deck.

New wind scoop made to hopefully exclude rain.

Torsion luff added to gennaker and new Karver continuous furler added.

New Hypalon Zodiac Cadet 285 Fast Roller Dinghy sized to fit inverted on deck between stay sail and self tacking track using ratchet straps.

New 6HP Yamaha 4 stroke outboard (internal and external tank arrangement) with lifting straps and cover.

Wire strop arrangement for lifting dinghy.

Coach lines repaired where damaged and missing.

Snap shackle added to main sheet at traveller so that the boom can be used for MOB recovery.


New Yankee jib and jib sheets.

New mainsail and battens.

Replaced spinnaker halyard and masthead turning block. Provision for second block.

Replaced inner forestay and staysail foil as the original foil was too short and bodged.

Replaced roller furling lines (longer on yankee jib to reach electric winch) and fitted jamming block on staysail furler.

Replaced spinnaker pole height adjustment cleats with jammers.

Added whisker pole attachment eye above upper pole track car.

Replaced staysail sheet.

Replaced seized coach roof turning blocks.

Made GRP masthead burgee stave served with grey shrink wrap .

Masthead Burgee

Installed a new digital masthead TV aerial and new amplifier.

Fitted plug and socket arrangement to all mast wiring.

Repaired AC system to Master cabin. Temperature sensor had not been plugged into controller as cable too short, instead it had been hidden behind pipework. Pulled spare cable through and plugged it in – perfect – what were Northshore thinking ?

New 19000btu AC system to serve the saloon. Installation included new sea cock and outlet. Controller matched to existing system so new remote operates both.

Hull, keel and grounding plate grit blasted and treated with two coats of epoxy and 4 layers of coppercoat.

Exhaust outlet re- welded, exhaust pipe replaced.

New prop shaft, stuffing box packing replaced and propeller serviced and balanced.

Flexible coupling added to prop shaft with electrical continuity link.

Third rudder split (new Northshore rudder was waterlogged) and 50mm added to leading edge and  100mm added to trailing edge. Not only has this 3 rudder configuration enhanced low speed  control but I have never felt overpowered downwind.

Barry cleaning prop in Antigua. Picture shows enlarged central third rudder

Third rudder seals replaced as the seals fitted by Northshore were inverted and broken because of incorrect fitting.

Gunwale teak capping removed, upstand infills removed (bad Northshore job with softwood rotting and expanding) new marine ply infills glassed in, width clamped back to correct width and re-sealed.

Gel coat repairs to various deck and hull blemishes including reworking trailing edge of sugar scoop where the previous repair had been the wrong colour.

Optimised lip to lazarette lockers where too low at hinges resulting in leaking into lockers.

Re-varnished woodwork in the area of the companionway.

Installed grating in the bottom of the fridge so no soggy juice cartons in future.

Serviced rope cutter, replacing shims.

Fitted anode to third rudder skeg extension and replaced all other anodes.

Replaced keel lift pennant and modified turning blocks with new bearings but retaining sheaves.

Removed offending wireless windlass remote system.

Refurbished plug in windlass control, fitting new wire and plug and socket.

Re-seated starboard primary winch to (hopefully) address leak.

Repaired saloon 12V. sockets.

Fitted new GPS aerial on coachroof to match AIS aerial.

Serviced morse control unit and replaced cables with new ‘silky smooth’ versions.

Replaced automatic bilge pump.

Serviced heads pumps and replaced some pipework

Fitted new holding tank sensors and gauges.

Replaced some portlight seals.

Replaced large springs on Med mooring stern lines.

Fitted mirror in fore cabin.

Installed steel strong box in mid cabin.

Split bimini frame into 3 bayonet locking sections for convenient stowing.

Replaced bimini yokes with correctly angled fittings.

Repaired stack pack.

Waterproofed existing bimini.

New reflective bimini with partial, roll up sides.

New bimini strap fastenings.

Leather rubbing patches (for bimini straps) onto spray hood.

Stowage bag for spare danforth bower anchor.

Reflective blinds (to fit outside) for saloon windows.

Iridium Satellite phone system with ‘red box’ WiFi unit and mounting strut to match opposite side.

Email compression system for satellite transmission, wireless and blogging software.

Fitted a new windlass.

Replaced Raymarine VHF radio, mast top aerial and wiring.

Had original Raymarine VHF repaired and now stored as a spare.


New rudder bearings, seals and greasers to a revised specification to eliminate the possibility of ‘pumping past’ in a heavy seaway. Rudder tracking angles adjusted.

Bruntons H5-485mm Three Blade Autoprop Propeller

New  Bruntons  Autoprop propeller fitted.  Variprop cleaned up and stowed as a spare.

Repaired and improved stack pack with wider flap to cover the zip to resist tropical sunshine.

Installation of new ‘Watt & Sea’ hydrogenerator (new unit returned to manufacturers in France as leaking oil while stored in outhouse!) including transom bracket with interchangeable fixture for mounting the outboard for manoeuvring in the event of engine failure.

Replaced rubber flap seals on keel slot.

Additional skeg extension anode fitted as single anode found to have deteriorated disproportionately.

Installed baffles to minimise (hopefully eliminate) slopping into the bilge from the keel pennant access.

Two new fishing rod holders each side of the cockpit mounted on aft stanchions to clear boom.

New wind scoops made for the small saloon linear hatches and the two forward lateral hatches which fold flat for stowage.

Replaced engine starter motor, original refurbished as a spare.

Stowed a spare new 80A alternator.

Stowed a spare fresh water pump and accumulator.

Stainless steel profiled sections added to gunwale capping to stop fender lines ‘grooving’ the teak.

New gas alarm with interlock (and manual control) to new gas shut off valve (with by-pass in case of failure) and new bilge ventilation fan.

Replaced fresh water filter.

Third reef tack rams horns added to gooseneck and jammer installed on coachroof.

Replaced jaws on main halyard jammer.

Changed shackles on the original spinnaker lines so they match the new Parasailor lines and are more user friendly.

Hull cleaned and polished.

Coppercoat re-touched where necessary.

Fire extinguishers serviced and supplemented.

Force 10 Euro Compact cooker replaced with larger Euro Standard model with taller oven giving extra shelf.

Worktop and new cooker modified to allow full gimballing and closing cover. (Not foreseen when replaced)

All AGM batteries replaced and third domestic battery added – domestic capacity now 660AH. Battery link cables uprated.

Stainless steel channels added to battery banks to secure in the event of knockdown.

Central eye added to forward face of mast for the connection of the new whisker pole.

Old  yankee jib serviced and fitted with a new torsion luff for mounting onto the bow sprit for ‘reefable’ twin poled out foresails for trade wind night sailing.

All instrumentation replaced with the new Raymarine E series (to match others) with the new acclaimed compass and auto control system. Wind display subsequently changed to the digital version.

Stainless steel rubbing patches added to prevent damage to the gel coat from the furling lines and the spinnaker halyard when used on the windlass rope drum.

Intermediate sized, more useable coffee table made and neatly stowed.

Cup and bottle holders (de-mountable) added to cockpit and pushpit seating.

Adjustments to door catches found to burst open in heavy seaway.

Retaining rods added to lockers prone to shed contents on unfavourable tacks.

Isolating valve added to transom shower to prevent inadvertent dumping (it happened!) of tankful of water.

New TV (digital this time) DVD player and new, more versatile, mounting arrangement.

Vac formed stowage pockets added to the inside of various lockers to optimise wasted space.

New outboard propeller with finer pitch to (hopefully) enable achieving the plane more probable even with my weight !

Made a ‘boom crutch’ to brace and lock the boom using main sheet on traveller and new light, opposing bracing tackle.

Added new high volume emergency electric bilge pump (1700 gallons per hour) with a manual switch incorporated into the main isolating switch panel under the companionway steps, a new legend panel has been installed to include the new switch.

Substantial security bars have been made for the two large hatches using ‘keyed alike’ padlocks.

Handy stowage pocket added to the pedestal.

Standing rigging replaced in Vilamoura.

Dynema gybe preventers added to the boom, cleated near the gooseneck for easy deployment using the ‘handy billy’ onto the lateral bow mooring cleat through the fairlead.

Two ‘fold out’ mast steps added near the top of the mast to allow access to the very top.

New turning block added to mast head and spare spinnaker halyard installed.

Large diving knife/scissors added to the pedestal.

Additional 12V ‘lighter’ sockets added, two in galley, one in Master Cabin at bed head and one in Forecabin.

12V socket replaced at forward end of chart table – pilot berth.

Forward heads Lee Sanitation dosing unit replaced.


2015 / 2016

Grab bars added to the aft deck with eyes and retaining arrangements for strapping spare diesel containers in place. Central boss incorporated for twin spools of 2” webbing, each 160 metres in length.

Dedicated yellow brick satellite tracker added to stbd. pushpit.

Master cabin head lining insulated.

Replaced fresh water filter.

Master Cabin heads Lee Sanitation dosing unit replaced.

12V fans added to inventory, three centrifugal and two (cheap) axial.

Through hull for watermaker replaced with log impeller type unit with removable bespoke intake.

Former water maker sea cock fitted in galley and sea water hand pump added to the sink.

Karver K2 furler repaired (by Karver) and fitted on Gennaker.

Drop nose pin preventing rotation of the Watt & Sea bracket increased from 8 to 10mm diameter.

Dyneema ‘oversleeving’ added to jib sheet ends to limit chafe and sheets ‘overended’ so previously chafed ends become the cockpit lazy end. Dyneema section held in place with whipping and knotted into clew bowlines.

Second scissor type diving knife and sheath added to boom vang and spare sheath added to Iridium mast at the stern and two sheaths added behind companionway steps for safe stowing.

Rubber infill to anchor outlet on locker replaced.

Rubber baffle added to cutlery drawer so large sharp knives don’t continue to damage drawer end when pitching.

Cockpit RAYMIC VHF unit replaced. New spare sourced and stowed in waterproof box.

Water maker membrane replaced, used then ‘pickled’ upon arrival in Port Solent.

2016 / 2017

EV1 heading computer replaced and system re-calibrated.

Companionway steps removed, prepared and treated with 7 coats of the hardest two pack varnish. Re-installed with larger screws.

Watermaker filter re-positioned back to the original, more accessible location.

Reflective covering of clear Perspex washboards replaced – lock screw protected by rubber ‘foot’ to mitigate further damage.

Curtain segregating forward guest cabins replaced with opaque version for better privacy.

New hand hold added en-route to galley as identified on passage.

Outboard bracket replaced with machined solid nylon version.

Support struts to the Wind Gen replaced with more solid tube type. Longer for/aft strut modified into two halves to clip together.

Solid gimbal locks added to cooker for use in port.

New seat and backrest cushions fitted to pushpit seats.

New (blue) covers made and fitted on the transom over the shower fittings.

New spray hood fitted and zip changed on the cockpit cover to match.

Cockpit cover modified to tension with webbing and waterproofed. SS bridge fittings added between cockpit and traveller. ‘Button’ retainer added to dorade cover.

Two new twin 13A 240V socket outlets added to the Master Cabin.

Bruntons Autoprop removed and returned to Bruntons for service.

Prop anode exchanged for solid rather than ‘shell’ type.

Bow thruster anode replaced.

Ambassador ‘Stripper’ rope cutter removed and replaced with ‘Prop Protector’ blade type rope cutter – no moving parts to clash.

Prop, rope cutter, bow-thruster and log impeller treated with ‘Propspeed’.

Raw water pump impeller replaced with new model to take ‘screw on’ extractor and spare stowed.

Speed Seal (water pump impeller replacement system) knurled nuts machined to incorporate coin slot to assist if necessary.

The existing gearbox (KBW 20-1) was leaking oil and apparently obsolete. It had become noisy and the neutral position was becoming difficult to select. In that its successor was also obsolete it was decided to replace the unit with the new current model (KM35P) which is meant to be quieter. The physical difference in sizes is remarkable.

Original large gearbox
Original large gearbox

Unfortunately this is not a direct replacement as the new unit is shorter, the ‘splined’ drive shaft is a smaller diameter and the drive plate is a smaller diameter. This has meant that an adapter and spacer unit has had to be machined. In addition to this the output height is higher requiring the lowering of the engine, beyond the tolerance of the new engine mount nut adjustment necessitating the use of shims.

New 'petite' gearbox
New ‘petite’ gearbox

Engine thrust plate replaced.

Engine mountings replaced.

New earth continuity straps bolted over the flexible prop shaft unit.

Waterline raised 40mm and treated with epoxy and Coppercoat.

Skeg extension and prop shaft gland treated with epoxy and Coppercoat.

Coppercoat ’touched up’ on rudder, keel and sea cock outlets.

Gel coat repaired on stem and cockpit where poorly laid up and where pins (previous cockpit cover retention) removed.

Hull and deck cleaned and polished.

Chain depth markings repainted – green, yellow & red.

Shore power cable replaced with new 30metre, 4mm, tinned flexible cable (to reduce ‘volt drop’) and spare 20metre extension stowed.

Gas struts added to two cockpit lockers.

Cleat added to end of staysail self-tacking frame for spare spinnaker halyard.

Forward Heads pump (leaking) replaced, pipework and diverter valve replaced. Jubilee clamps on pipework at the extreme of reach tightened as probably never properly tightened from original construction and partly responsible for water ingress.

Forward Heads shower hose tightened also partly responsible for water ingress.

12V outlets added to mid cabin and port berth in forward cabin.

Generator serviced with new impeller, filters and oil. Degraded capacitors changed to increase output voltage which should stop AC tripping out on ‘Low Voltage’.

New Mastervolt 12/100-3 battery charger fitted to replace faulty 80A unit. New 100A charger better sized for larger domestic battery bank and additional charging facilities enable individual charging of both engine and generator batteries.

Engine main isolating switch replaced as original lost its ‘spring’ feel which is the first sign of imminent failure.

Additional jammer fitted on port side of coachroof and tack line rigged to enable the third reef to be fully deployed without leaving the cockpit – discovered fairlead holes are an original feature of the gooseneck.

All the ‘Alcantara’ furnishings in the saloon removed and professionally cleaned.

Additional hooks added forward for the hanging of clothing etc.

Cupboard door hinges replaced where necessary and 170 degree opening hinges used where appropriate.

Modified manual pump stowed next to stuffing box to overcome air lock on AC condensate drain and to dry bilge to lowest level.

2017 / 2018

Kenwood TS-480 SSB radio installed with Balun mounted below the insulated backstay.

Dynaplate (giant) added to the hull for SSB grounding.

UltraSonic anti fouling system added with two transducers.

Liferaft replaced with a physically shallower container to free up access to the transom mooring cleats.

Padded canvas covers made to fit over spare diesel containers mounted within the aft deck grab bars. These will both protect the spare containers from sunlight and provide extra seating.

Lifejackets, EPIRB, PLBs and flares all serviced and updated.

Replaced ‘un-matching’ additional clutches on coach roof with two extra matching Spinlock CAM-0814 clutches on each side affording one spare on each side.

Fitted 12 ‘Rain Shields’ on coach roof portlights to make them rain proof. Ordered from ‘’ and delivered very promptly.

Rain shield with Lewmar mosquito mesh fitted


Replaced ruptured port side water tank which involved the removal of the two AC Units and the port side diesel tank which enabled the following improvements:-

Installed improved tank support arrangement for both water and diesel tanks.

Improved limber hole on replaced glassed in bulkhead.

Replaced diesel tank drain plug with correct fitting and inserted with sealant.

Removed black jelly from diesel tank.

Replaced Eberspacher dip tube and made correct all copper pipe connections throughout.

Diesel tank connections

Improved AC unit supports and installed a second condensate drain.

Second condensate drain

Replaced blocked and scaled heads pipework in forward heads.

Scale reducing the internal diameter from 38mm to less than 20mm

Cut access holes to facilitate the above.

Hatch cover access to pipework in forward heads

Replaced engine starter motor.

Replaced automatic bilge pump.

Installed galvanic isolator on shore power.

Installed triple deck organisers mounted over the existing quads then installed machined aluminium spacer block to prevent lines being trapped.

Uprated the Battery charger trip switch from the previous 6A to 10A to accommodate the replacement battery charger delivering 100A as opposed to the previous 80A.

Replaced the domestic batteries with 3 off 200AH AGM batteries.

Replaced the on board router operating from a mobile roaming data Sim card. Now handling 4g+ network.

Installed breather tube on galley sink drain to overcome airlock preventing water running away.

Irrigation pipework pushed over the spigot and extended to inboard of the sink under the worktop.

Cockpit lights

Easy cockpit lights with no wiring involved can be achieved by securing cheap LED lights on the spray hood/bimini/tent using rare earth button magnets.

Cheap LED magnetic light
Cheap LED magnetic light
Button magnet securing light
Button magnet securing light

Hejira data


Southerly 135 RS Series III

British Registry:        SSR 110134

Hull Number: 23        Colour:  Ivory White

CIN Number:                             GB NYY 00182 G003

Year of Manufacture:              2004

international Callsign:              MEEY9

MMSI:                                        235 016 623

Home Port:                              Portsmouth UK

Yacht Club:         Royal Victoria Yacht Club. Fishbourne. IOW.UK

LOA                                         45’6”                13.86m

LWL                                         36’6”                11.13m

BEAM                                      13’6”                  4.12m

DRAFT                                    9’9”/2’9”             2.96m/0.84m

DISPLACEMENT                    27,708lbs        12,563Kg.

Engine:                        Yanmar 4JH3E 56HP     Serial No: E27501

Insurer:                                    Pantaenius

Policy Number:           70885056-11               Expires 20/08/2019

Liferaft:                        Crewsaver UK ISO      4 Person Canister

Serial No:   5232500101616

EPIRB:                          McMurdo Model G5

Unique ID:       1D0C51F93EFFBFF

Serial No:        200-15519

Tender:                  Zodiac Cadet 285 Fastroller ACTI-V (Hypalon)

Serial No:        FR-XDC10A95C111

Outboard:              Yamaha 6HP  4 Stroke F6CMH

Serial No:        6BX S 1020493 B

Owner:                                    Nicholas  Mines

‘Thornleigh’ 11, High Street

Sunningdale Village

Ascot, Berks



Telephone Mobile:                  + 44 7860 536812

Telephone Home:                   + 44 1344 291057

Telephone Office:                   + 44 1344 620001

Email:                               (via satellite)

Qualifications:         RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore No.13108

Sail & Power with Commercial Endorsement                         International Certificate of Competence No 319164

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