So, on my return to the UK, there are a number of issues to understand and address. Among these, why does my propeller anode last less than a month before disappearing? A call to Bruntons to put them on the spot suggested, from their demeanour, that it is not a unique problem and it would seem that the anode degrades from the fixing points which are close to the thinner periphery. The suggested ‘fix’ is to antifoul the anode around the screw area so the screw integrity is more likely to survive the degradation. I have ordered some more (at nearly £40 a pop!) and I will liberally treat them before my next visit. I will report back in due course.

I went to look at the replacement new water tank and it is MASSIVE.

Full of water it will weigh ¼ ton !

I have arranged for it to be shipped to Baie des Anges, I don’t think it would fit in ‘The roller skate’.

The mission to replace the port side water tank which exploded in Barcelona is daunting and a huge cloud on my horizon at the moment. I will have to lift the saloon seating area floor and the keel box surround on the port side. I will then have to remove two AC units and tank braces. I will then have to drain and disconnect the diesel tank and remove it. This should then allow the removal and replacement of the buggered water tank……

With the diesel tank removed, I should be able to locate the source of the diesel seepage. I have obtained from Tek Tanks, a set of sealing washers and I have bought some ‘blow bubble’ liquid so, I should be able to block the apertures and pressurise the tank to locate any leaks.

Flights are booked for mid-October so, fingers crossed – I will report back.