One of the best

We closed land at dawn and the day started bright but not breezy as we motored through the channel inside Ushant. Our timing was perfect as we picked up the first of the ‘flush’ and we recorded 11.6 knots of SOG (speed over the ground) with the tide assistance. The loss of our rope cutter prompted extra vigilance for the dreaded pot markers as we tracked along the French coast to optimise the tide as collecting a rope would rather spoil our day.

The forecast light winds soon transposed into the most excellent sailing conditions and with full sail on a beam reach in flattish seas we maintained an agreeable 7 knots which was sustained through the night. This unexpected bonus has put the Yarmouth indulgence very much in the frame and with the wind expected to back and drop, we should be able to fly the Parasailor later, giving it a final airing before packing it away in the forepeak.

With the exception of the Iridium debacle (Email exchanges continue) everything in ‘Hejira World’ is wonderful. We have full water tanks courtesy of a faultlessly working water maker, we have one full tank of diesel, the Watt & Sea and wind generator between them have maintained the battery charge at over 13V even after running all services and radar through the night and we are stonking along with an easy motion. It’s the sort of situation that makes you want to sing at the top of your voice!

Peter writes –

At 0030 on Friday am, we are creaming up the Channel under full sail with wind speeds of 17 – 20 knots. Barry, who has stayed up for the experience, reckons it’s the best sailing of the whole 10,136 miles to-date. We have been averaging 7 knots through the water for the past 4 hours.

Meanwhile, the Captain has been seduced into the voluptuous folds of Miss Yankee in the state apartments  and can only be dreaming of this rich sailing experience .

Hejira is performing quite beautifully.

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